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Amepay is a cryptocurrency-based payments alternative that is fast, convenient and secure.

How to join

  • 1. Start chat with Amepay Telegram bot.
  • 2. Pass the Captcha.
  • 3. Join Amepay Telegram Group and Telegram Channel. (Mandatory, +200 AME)
  • 4. Create an account at Amepay or Download the Amepay wallet app for Android or IOS. (Mandatory)
  • 5. Copy your AME wallet address and submit to the bot.
  • 6. Follow Amepay on Twitter and retweet this tweet. (Mandatory, +200 AME)
  • 7. Like Amepay Facebook page and share this post. (Mandatory, +200 AME)
  • 8. Follow Amepay on LinkedIn. (Optional, +100 AME)
  • 9. Submit your details to the bot.
  • 10. You will receive up to 700 AME tokens.
  • 11. Also, earn 100 AME for each referral.

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More about Amepay

Amepay eliminates the complexity, high-costs, and delays that are familiar to the present system and replaces it with a simple, affordable, and quick network. Powering AMEPAY is a transparent and decentralized blockchain infrastructure that also doubles up as a reliable database to store and share transaction records. Blockchain allows AMEPAY to pass on the following benefits to their stakeholders: Lowcosts and greater revenue share for merchants Simple, elegant and anonymous payments for users Scalable, interoperable and future-ready technology for all.

Share this airdrop on social media: