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Binereum Airdrop is worth 480 BIETH tokens (~$ 30). Share your referral link to earn 80 BIETH tokens (~$ 5) for every referral. 

How to join

  • 1. Start the Binereum Airdrop Telegram Bot. 
  • 2. Join Binereum on Telegram Channel & Group
  • 3. Follow Binereum on Twitter
  • 4. Follow Binereum on Facebook
  • 5. Sign up on the Binereum platform
  • 6. Submit your details to the Binereum Airdrop Telegram Bot. 
  • 7. Share your referral link to earn 80 BIETH tokens (~$ 5) for every referral. 
  • The token distribution will take place on January 31st.

Note: Binereum is pending the smart contract security audit report.

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More about Binereum

Binereum is an innovative platform that allows you to stake Ethereum 2.0 and BIETH with high profits. BIETH is a staking token allowing advanced multi-asset rewards, eventually allowing users to reap the benefits of ERC20 validation and staking. Binereum offers you the opportunity to stake ETH 2.0 without locking your 32 ETH for 2 years.

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