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Required tools:

Complete the following tasks and earn 30 tokens (valued at $15) automatically:

1. Join CDRX’s Telegram group
2. Follow CDRX on Twitter and do one Tweet about CDRX
3. Follow CDRX on Facebook and do one share about CDRX
4. Follow CDRX on Instagram
5. Follow CDRX on Youtube
6. Follow CDRX on Reddit
7. Register on CDRX platform and pass KYC 


8  Message the AmaZix airdrop bot:
9. Follow all the socials, do the required activities and report all the activities in this FORM
10. Note: Shares and tweets have to contain a link to the CDRX website or Telegram group AND at least 2 of these hashtags: #cdrx #cdr #fintech #blockchain #investment #stockmarket

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More about CDRX

Crypto Depository Receipts (CDR's) and native issuance open up a whole new world of finance, removing corporate actions, allowing fractional ownership and almost entirely eliminating transaction costs. Underlying shares are sourced from the market or corporate entity (new issue).

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