CosBall Airdrop

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$4.5 + Referral
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Required tools:

Do all the tasks below and earn $4.5 of COSB tokens.  Grab an additional $0.1 COSB for every referral (max 50 referrals per user)

Joining is very simple!

1. Join Cosball Telegram group and AirdropRating Telegram channel - $2 COSB
2. Follow CosBall and AirdropRating on Twitter, and Retweet this - $2 COSB
3. [OPTIONAL] Follow Costball on Facebook - $0.5 COSB 
4. Fill out the form below and include your Email and ETH wallet.

* First two steps are mandatory.
* Do not leave any social channel until token distribution.

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More about CosBall

COSBALL is the world's first personalized daily cosmetic solution. Through the Cosball skin scanner and mobile app, a user's personal skin profile is created. Based on that profile, the users will receive daily customized disposable cosmetic capsules catered to their skin type.

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