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*** High-quality company! CryptoEnter is the Winner of IBM special award, Revolutionary DeFi solution enters US, Asia, Europe markets and being integrated with Russian banks from the top 50!  ***

Join the Airdrop now and earn $ 33 in LION Tokens.

Earn 15$ for basic tasks and up to 18$ for additional tasks!

The first 1000 participants will receive a bonus + $ 50 in LION tokens.
Among the first 5000 participants, a prize of $ 200 in LION tokens.
Among the first 10.000 participants, a prize of $ 100 in LION tokens.
Among the first 30.000 participants, a prize of $ 50 in LION tokens.

How to join:

The main tasks of the Airdrop program: $15 payout: (Tasks 1-6)

  • 1. Register Cryptoenter here.
  • 2. take part in the Referral program and invite 10 friends.
  • (To follow the link you need to be logged in
Social airdrop tasks:
  • 3. Facebook: subscribe like and repost PIN message.
  • 4. Twitter: subscribe like and repost PIN message.
  • 5. Subscribe Telegram Group.
  • 6. Subscribe Telegram Channel.

Additional airdrop tasks: +2 $ for each task:

  • 7. Instagram: subscribe like and repost stories.
  • 8. YouTube: subscribe click a bell.
  • 9. Reddit: subscribe like.
  • 10. Repost: Complete all the conditions of the airdrop threshold and get your reward!

PLEASE NOTE, that the rewards/bonuses in tokens are made for completing All TASKS AFTER the end of the airdrop program, in LION tokens, equivalent to $ exchange rate on the day of payment.

The payment will be made within a month after the end of the airdrop program in LION tokens, at the exchange rate at the time of payment.

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CRYPTOENTER is a blockchain infrastructure for digital banking with DeFi functionality and a social network for investors with a decentralized financial marketplace on its base.

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