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How to join?

  • 1. Sign-up to DX.Exchange website.
  • 2. Sign up and verify your email address. (+2 DXCASH)
  • 3. Complete KYC. (+8 DXCASH)
  • 4. Visit the DX.Exchange airdrop page.
  • 5. Submit your details and sign up for the airdrop.
  • 6. Join their Telegram group and invite 3 friends to their group. (+4 DXCASH)
  • 7. Invite an additional 5 members to their Telegram group. (+6 DXCASH)
  • 8. Follow them on Twitter. (+2 DXCASH)
  • 9. Follow them on Facebook. (+2 DXCASH)
  • 10. Help another community member by answering their question in their Telegram group. (+1 DXCASH)
  • 11. Start a conversation on their Telegram group by sending 10 messages back and forth with other community members. (+3 DXCASH)
  • 12. Complete all the tasks and win a bonus of 7 DXCASH.

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More about DX.Exchange

DX.Exchange is the first complete crypto community that allows institutions and individuals to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat, trade cryptocurrencies, and convert crypto back to fiat. DX.Exchange is airdropping 35 DXCASH tokens to their community members. Sign up at their website, complete KYC, visit their airdrop page, submit your details and sign up for the airdrop and complete easy tasks to earn up to 35 DXCASH tokens.

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