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Do you wanna get some free Cryptocurrency and start gaining profit from it since the very first day? Of course you do, cause everybody needs passive income. So don't postpone, join Ganza Trade Airdrop. Hurry up to fill your entries for our airdrop camping which starts on 20.09.2019. By joining Ganza Trade Airdrop you will get free 15 GFT. You can use these coins on their wallets or exchange.


How to join?

(Optional) Earn more by performing the following activities below.

  • 6. Follow our Facebook Page – 15 GFT
  • 7. Make Ganza Trade Facebook Account comments – 15 GFT
  • 8. Follow their Twitter Profile – 15 GFT
  • 9. Make Twitter comments – 15 GFT
  • 10. Follow their Steem Page – 15 GFT
  • 11. Subscribe on their YouTube Channel – 15 GFT
  • 12. Create videos for them – 200 GFT
  • 13. Write an article for them – 200 GFT (Minimum 500 words)
  • 14. Get Free 5 GFT coins for every referral

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More about Ganza

GANZA exchange has been created as an independent exchange aimed at popularization and producing opportunities of the passive income gaining.

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