Konkrete Airdrop

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$148 + referral
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Required tools:

How to join?

  • Airdrop 1:
  • 1. Sign up for the website and verify your email address.
  • 2. Complete your KYC.
  • 3.You will be dropped with 200 KKT tokens
  • 4. For every referral you will get 200 KKT tokens
  • Airdrop 2:
  • 1. Go to the google airdrop form.
  • 2. Join Discord channel.
  • 3. Follow them on Medium.
  • 4. Follow them on Twiiter.
  • 5. Like Facebook page.
  • 6. Fill out the airdrop form.
  • 7. You will receive 1 stake per week for each social channel that you follow until the end of the campaign.
  • 8.Total bounty pool is $30k in KKT

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More about Konkrete

Konkrete is building the next generation distributed share registry. They will help security issuers reach more investors and reduce costs by harnessing the power of distributed ledger technology.

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