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PADTHAI Finance Airdrop Contest is worth 30,000 PADTHAI tokens (~$ 27) for 50 lucky winners. The winners can burn their PADTHAI for $PTK tokens.

How to join

  • 1. Visit the PADTHAI Finance Airdrop form. 
  • 2. Join PADTHAI Finance on Telegram Group.
  • 3. Join PADTHAI Finance on Discord.
  • 4. Upvote this Reddit article. 
  • 5. Share this Medium article. 
  • 6. Retweet this Tweet and Tag 3 friends with hashtags #PADTHAIF $PTK #DeFi #YieldFarming #DEX #uniswap #SushiSwap #Crypto #cryptocurrencies #bitcoin #ethereum #Chainlink #uniswap #dai #airdrop #btc #eth #TRON
  • 7. Submit your Ethereum wallet address and other details to the Airdrop form. 

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More about PADTHAI Finance is an experimental clone of SushiSwap and allows liquidity providers on UniSwap to stake their tokens to earn PadThai which can be used later on, algorithmic trading including pooled arbitrage opportunities with other members. PADTHAIKING (PTK) is a governance token of the Pad Thai Project. Users are able to farm PADTHAI, which can be burned for PTK as well as stake PTK in future algorithmic trading pools whose strategies will be created by strategy makers in the community and other pools and powered by PADTHAI.

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