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Petchains is allocating 3% supply of total PTCS token supply! The more tasks you do, the more stakes you earn. The more stakes you get, the more PTCS you will receive to your Ethereum Wallet.

Earn Stakes doing the following (One time Task!)

1. Join their Telegram Group.
2. Follow them on Twitter.
3. Follow and like their Facebook page.
4. Subscribe to their Youtube account.
5. Submit details to this form. 

* The form is called Extra Bonus (10%) - no worries. Entering Bitcointalk user is not needed.

OPTIONAL TO EARN MORE STAKES : (Recommended to advanced users, who can do repeated tasks, again, it is not a must).

You can earn more stakes if you do repeated social tasks and have a  BitcoinTalk account. Read the full instructions on this BitcoinTalk thread.

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More about Petchains

Petchains is the world 1st real blockchain project in pet industry,we will build a social platform including short vedio similar to Tiktok.. Petchains is dedicated to a global pets market information management system and the trading platform.

Share this airdrop on social media: