MetaHash is a next-generation network based on the Blockchain 4.0 technology for sharing digital assets and a platform for creating and managing decentralized apps and services in real-time.
They are airdropping total 45 etherium worth MHC tokens via Telegram bot.You can earn 3 stakes for joining and 2 stakes for every referral.

Airdrop Guide

  • 1. Click ' START ' on Telegram bot.
  • 2. Submit your e-mail and click yes.
  • 3. Copy your verification from your inbox and send it to Telegram bot.
  • 4. Use /address command, click set up and submit your ether address.
  • 5. Use /link command to get your unique referral link and refer friends to earn more stakes.
  • 6. You can check your stats by /stats command.